Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Oh, yes. Definitely back to normal.

I took two aspirin last night because I really needed a good night's sleep; and I did indeed sleep well. The 'wound' part of this whole operation is healing well, and doesn't hurt a lot today. (Which is dangerous, because there's nothing to remind me to not throw my arm back, except the sling.)

So I ditched the nightgown and actually got dressed. As long as I choose fairly roomy tops (as most of mine are), I am not limited there. (Just put on handicapped arm, then head, then other arm.)

So it should be a good day, right?

Ha! Like that would ever happen.

The bathroom was cold, which is suspicious. (The heat is not ducted to my upstairs, except to the bathroom.) And coming downstairs confirmed it - the furnace isn't working.

I got Hubby to work, stopped for groceries (carried in one bag at a time, in right hand (set down for opening and closing each and every of 4 doors)) and then, after collecting toolbox and near-vision glasses, ventured to The Dungeon. (Carefully, one step at a time. Got toolbox in good hand, so can't hold onto anything.) Yep. Not running. Turned the power off, poked around a bit, turned power back on - action but not flame - yep; definitely not running.

So I guess I spend the rest of today looking up expert online advice, researching issues, and (hopefully) ordering a part.
Tags: furnace, health, house, pacemaker
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