Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Sometimes logic works

... but whose logic?

The shoulder will probably drive me crazy. I'm doing a lot of swearing. Because of my limited arm movement, I can't pull my blankets over me properly, and dressing and undressing (including coats) is very difficult. I expect that the medical establishment visualizes me sitting docilely in an easy chair with my feet up, watching TV and being waited on. If that was what they wanted, they should have done two weeks of nursing home rehabilitation. (Actually, with all I have learned about this whole process, I am really surprised that it isn't automatically included. With a hip replacement, I couldn't walk around much, but there wasn't anything I was forbidden to do. This business of "While your arm is perfectly good and will do anything you ask it to, DON'T" is asking a lot of a normal person.

The pain is less, which simply means I have less to remind me not to move it in forbidden directions. Wednesday, I will go in for follow-up, and have it established that the leads are still properly embedded in my heart. Or not.

I can't take my bra off. While I don't like walking around without it, 24-7 is kind of harsh on the midriff and shoulders. But taking it off means at least 3 pounds of pressure pulling downward on the wound. Not doing that.

But probably what gets to me most is simply the challenge to the whole system. With all resources going into healing, I'm terribly run down.

We went to a movie last night (Annie) and, as he always does now, Hubby offered his arm. Nevertheless I couldn't keep up with him, and was huffing and puffing. He was kind of upset. I think there is going to have to be a lot of physical therapy after this. I hope they provide for it, because I don't have a good record of doing that sort of thing on my own.

But - TRIUMPH - the furnace is working!

After posting on Tuesday, I started poking around. Even though I installed that furnace barely more than a year ago, and replaced the mother board on it, I didn't remember a thing. But I found some information sites I had saved, and the wiring diagram that I made, and concluded that it was probably the HSI (hot surface ignitor -- think spark plug). Hubby managed to get it out (me = crippled, remember) and sure enough it was cracked. By that time, it was 7 pm, meaning no stores open.

Wednesday morning, I let my fingers do the walking and found the closest store that carries parts for my furnace. Just in time -- they were closing in an hour (at noon). So $70 later, I brought it home and installed it, and 'hurray!' it glowed. But the furnace did not light.

So I checked with my flow chart, which wanted me to check voltage to my gas valve. Now, I know we have a volt meter, but I certainly wouldn't know where, so I again waited for Hubby to get home. It wasn't like there were any stores open to be missing the opportunity to buy a part.

So we went to watch "The Five Armies."

Hubby found the volt meter in the morning (a versatile one that also measures amps and watts), but he isn't much better than me at figuring out how to use it.

In the meantime, he hit against the roll-out switch (a sensor that shuts things down if the flame spits backward out of the furnace), and it fell apart. I had already noticed that it had a problem and had kind of 'set' it together. I told him I didn't think that was it, because according to the flow chart, if the roll-out isn't working, the HSI won't glow. But then I thought about it and said, "Let's check that."

So I took the switch leads apart and turned on the furnace, and the HSI did not glow. Hmmm. Maybe it *is* this. Hubby says, "But it is glowing when it's set together." And I said, "Yeah, but I was already thinking that the HSI was not getting as bright as it should, so maybe it isn't getting *enough* current."

But stores aren't open on January 1st.

So what have we been doing for heat in the meantime? (It's been 23 to 34 degrees over these few days.) Not as badly as you might think. I have all four burners running on the stove, which keeps the kitchen warm, an electric heater in the bathroom which takes care of that, and another one in Daughter's kitchen, which keeps that about 50 degrees in there. (Daughter and her husband are away on their usual after-Christmas trip.) So between all of those, the pipes don't freeze.

There is also an old electric fireplace in the living room, keeping *it* from freezing, though I certainly wouldn't call it warm. There's a personal-size electric blanket on the couch. And in the bedroom I have a heating pad.

So it's just uncomfortable (and expensive), not tragic.

Anyhow, this morning (when I could drag myself out of bed), (that was after noon, come to think of it) I went and got a new roll-out switch. A whole $6. And tried to pick the brain of the counter person. He said it would not be that. That if I could hear clicking, it was the gas valve, and if not it was the mother board.

But the (very expensive) mother board is only a year old! He said it doesn't matter. They are assembled by people, and sometimes you get a lemon.

Well, since I wasn't hearing any clicking, I went home very dispirited. Hubby installed the roll-out switch without much hope, while I ate breakfast. He came back upstairs and told me I should trust my logic.

The furnace is running!
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