Taro (mother2012) wrote,

If only I remembered things ...

I'm finally feeling better.

I've been telling Hubby all week that I was more tired every day, and when I picked him up from work yesterday, I said that he would have to fix dinner. Which he did, without complaint. But I made a salad.

This is one of my favorites: 1 Haas avocado (chopped), 4 sticks of leg-style fake crab (sliced), 1 roma tomato (diced), 2 ribs of celery (diced), and diced onion to taste, with a scant amount of dressing. I use Miracle Whip.

Halfway through making it, I had trouble getting my breath, and realized that my heart was doing a major a-fib thing, while at the same time I was having an angina attack. I didn't really think it warranted nitro (though I probably should have done it anyway), and didn't want to take aspirin because I've had too much of that lately. But I did take some D-Ribose (liquid) which usually relieves things very quickly, and sat down with feet up. I was almost immediately relieved.

Then I realized that I hadn't been taking my special heart formulations for the last 3 or 4 days.

I took two doses. Today I'm better than I've been since before the pacemaker 'procedure'.

I really need to be more careful about my supplements. I *do* have them for a reason. For the curious, what I take for heart is: CardioAdvanced (Phytosterols, Hawthorne Berry, CoQ10, magnesium and various B vitamins) and Cotrexin (Fish Oil wth EPA, DHA and Omega-3s). These are formulated by a cardiologist and manufactured by Medix Select. From the same company I have just ordered Arterin, (Medix Select special offer) which is supposed to be a circulation support, for arteries and veins as well as "normal heart rhythm... also supports healthy insulin levels, helps regulate nerve and muscle function, and performs many other important body functions" - mostly due to magnesium, which I knew I wasn't getting enough of, but hadn't paid enough attention to.

*sigh* Y'know, if I had just listened to *me* 20 years ago, I would probably have avoided a whole raft of problems ...
Tags: health, pacemaker, supplements
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