Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Keeping Warm

It was below zero again last night, though it's beginning to show signs that the cold snap is over.

For anyone curious, and just because I think I'm cool, I thought I'd post exactly what I wear to keep warm in these conditions. (Bearing in mind that my furnace is meant for an apartment, not a large house.)

Winter wear

First item: I now wear full-length pressure stockings. I recently had my veins done, where they essentially kill the vein and then leave it for your body to reabsorb. Since they were very big and thick, that will probably take over a year, and I need to wear the pressure stockings at least until then. Between the two, the vein ablations and the stockings, my legs feel 10 pounds lighter each, and probably are. I tell people that they practically lift themselves.

Anyhow, these 'modern' pressure stockings are silky and feel to the touch almost like wearing nylons. The nude ones even almost look *nude*! It's such a pleasure to be able to make my legs look pretty again, instead of hiding under long skirts.

Item #2: Other pressure stockings. These ones I've been wearing for two years. They are knee-high and warm, and my legs are very happy when I wear both pairs at once.

#3: Warm. fuzzy leggings.

#4: A Damart t-shirt. No one makes warmer clothing than Darmart's Thermolactyl.

#5: A short skirt or shorts, since I do not consider leggings to be 'pants'. I like my crotch covered, thank you. And one of the issues with the pressure stockings is that every time you bend your knees, they pull your pants down. This doesn't happen with the snug-fitting leggings, but regular pants and skirts get caught at the knee, which is a pain. I now have several short skirts and sweat-pants-cut-down to shorts. Note the pockets. That's my purse. All my skirts and shorts have them. They hold phone, cash and cards, and sometimes keys.

#6: A Damart dickey. Not Thermolactyl, but snuggle-y warm.

#7: Sweat shirt.

#8: Leg warmers. Not the fancy little things that had a brief spate of popularity earlier this winter, but real, bulky-knit workhorses that I bought in the '80s.

#9: Not for warmth, these shoes. But I seldom wear anything else. These are GoWalk by Sketchers. I've never worn anything so comfortable and light, and still felt secure. I now own 5 pairs of them.

#10: Jumper I made early in this winter. I love it so much I'm working on another one, in maroon. I used a pattern for a sleeveless jacket, and lengthened it. It's *just* shorter than the skirts. It's like wearing a blanket. Since, you know, it's made out of blanket fabric.

And you know what? I actually don't feel all bundled up and bulky!
Tags: clothes, sewing
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