Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Here we go again

I hate FaceBook. It's gobbling up my life.

Why then am I on it for hours every day, and seldom here?

Because that's where the people that I know in RL are. If Hubby wants to know when dinner is, he sends me a FB message. If I'm going to be late to my gaming group, I message them on FB. etc, etc. *sigh*

And then I come back here. I see the familiar names, and smile. I wish we could all get together.

But what brings me back? Fandom? Missing you? Wanting to read the old stories?

No, what brings me back, surprisingly, is the desire to AGAIN document my attempts at getting well.

I'm at it again. I'm 70 years old, and I am again about to climb back on the wagon, nutritionally.

Facebook, for all it's attractions, doesn't have the vehicle to do this. FB is all about right now, and then the moment moves on, and just try to find that entry you made last week! But here, I can enter keywords, and bring it all up whenever I want to.
Tags: ccws, diet, facebook, health, sugar
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