Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Same old, same old, 2017 version

I've been eating cookies for several days now. Or brownies, or pie. Something super-loaded with sugar. My legs and teeth are inflamed, my hip is starting to hurt, and it's time I climbed back on the wagon.

Three years ago, March of '14, I was in terrible shape.
- I was having a hard time walking.
- Sleeping at night had an unhappy regularity - fall into bed about 11:00pm, wake up about 2:00am, and go back to sleep about 6:00am. Some nights I just laid there wishing I were asleep, but often I got up and did reading, TV, or Facebook.
- I was depressed, anxious, and had no energy.
- My thinking was slow.
- The dentist had just warned me that I was about to lose another tooth, which would have left no molars in that quarter.

The last one scared me enough to do something about it. I vowed there would be no more sweets ever.

With some research, I found a product called CCWS, and started on a two-year journey back to a health I had never expected to have again. More on that another day.

But in May last year, I managed to come back from a hotel with bedbugs. Since we had fought them before, we knew that quick action was needed, and Hubby found an all-natural insecticide. He used it liberally for four days. The bedroom stank of it but, as an all-natural, it stank almost pleasantly.

During that time, I started getting sick again. At first I didn't connect it - it took four days to penetrate my increasingly foggy brain. But I slept on the couch that night.

Hubby didn't want to believe it. "It's a natural product," he protested. I retorted with, "So's strychnine."

I believe it severely overloaded my liver (the organ responsible for removing toxins). It took a full year before I felt that the effects were mostly gone - that my liver is working properly again. In the meantime, any tiny exposure to insecticide (or anything else with a solvent carrier - nailpolish, paint, Sharpies) would worsen my symptoms, almost instantly. I suddenly can't eat anything which might have residue of insecticide on it - berries, lettuce, wheat, rice, etc. (It's not like they wash it off, you know.) I now eat only organic bread and lettuce. Berries are too expensive to have at all; except blueberries - I buy regular ones and wash them thoroughly.

To make up for my misery, I resorted to eating sugar again.

Amazingly, I was all right for awhile. I had used the CCWS protocol, and actually got rid of the candida, both in the gut and systemically. But now, months of eating sugar have caught up with me.

So I'm about to do the CCWS again.
Tags: ccws, diet, health, insecticide, liver, organic, solvent, sugar
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