Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Error, error, Will Robinson!

Well, *I* never said I was perfect.

When someone believes in a product they're selling, I'm an easy mark. I went into Feel Rite and asked for a good liver cleanse. The manager said essentially, "Why just do a liver cleanse when you can do a good all-over cleanse. It'll get the kidney too." I allowed as how that sounded reasonable.

He strongly recommended The Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse, telling me that it is the one he uses himself. So without particularly checking it over, I bought it.

It's only for digestion. Does nothing for the organs. *sigh* Waste of money, although he had taken $10 off the cost.

I'll have to go back tomorrow and get a liver cleanse.

Meantime, I haven't been able to slow down the sugar any.
Tags: ccws, liver
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