Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Still working up to it ...

So I haven't managed to actually get off sugar yet. I am down to about 2 cookies in an afternoon, which is not good, but a whole order of business better than half a pan of brownies.

I've acquired a good liver cleanse, which I'm working on, but it's supposed to run 30 days, and I'm not sure I'll put off starting my CCWS that long.

I'm planning my diet. I will need to take pills every two hours to get everything in, and need 15 grams of fat with them four times a day. I have new supplements I need to work in, such as Hoodia (for appetite suppressing) and White Kidney Bean Extract (for resistant starch).

While I was very successful in improving my health 2 and 3 years ago, I did not yet know how necessary it was to heal the leaky gut, and how much liver damage the yeast die-off can cause. So I'm taking steps about those things this time.
Tags: ccws, diet, liver, sugar
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