Taro (mother2012) wrote,

CCWS Day Three

You have to take the CCWS pill with 15 grams of fat. Doesn't sound that hard until you try it -- four times a day.

A tablespoon of butter is only 11 grams, an egg only 5. Fortunately, nuts are gram-packed with fat. A half cup of my own granola will get me the 15, so I eat that with the 10:00 pm pill. Six o'clock gets potato with butter and a glass of milk. In the morning, an egg with cheese will fill the bill. But at 2:00 pm? I run out of ideas. Yesterday I had a banana with cream, and today I had more egg. Can't continue to eat egg at that rate though.

Tomorrow it will be avocado. Half of one fills the requirement, and I eat it on toast with butter, dressing, and tomato.
Tags: ccws, diet, food
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