Taro (mother2012) wrote,

CCWS Day ---- does it matter anymore?

So I meant to really keep track of this, but I had to go to the Renn Faire (http://www.sterlingfestival.com/) July 29th, which completely wrecked me.

I mean, it's a great Faire. Many people say it's the best one in the country, but - 1. I've been to it so often I could almost say the lines myself, and 2. I'm just not in shape to be running up and down that hill! Although I greatly enjoyed the barrel ride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8NtXYN74Wk - go see the video. That operator was fun to watch!

Anyhow, when it came time to leave, it took me an hour to climb back up the hill and get to the car. I had my crutches, but it wasn't enough. I used my friend's scooter last year, which was easier on me, but it took two men to push it back up the hill.

I will not be going next year. I'm really still recovering.

All that aside, I've kept on track with the CCWS. By Day 5 I was coughing and congested, which is the desirable result (for me), and disgusting as hell. I'm still coughing, which is good. The phlegm that comes up is the dead candida. It's also good (I think), that I'm nowhere near as congested as I was when I went through this the first time. Which I assume means that the candida wasn't as entrenched as it was then. And indeed it shouldn't be.

Unfortunately, I still haven't completely kicked the sugar craving. If I still have it when I finish the protocol, I'll have to take other steps. I've already bought Hoodia, which has helped in the past.
Tags: ccws, food, renn, sugar
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