Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Same ol', same ol'

Looking back through my 'recent' posts, I see that a year ago I was in the same place I am now.  No shock.

I'm still on Facebook too much.

It gobbles up all my time so that I don't actually accomplish anything. Like sewing.

I've managed to quit sugar again.  I never was truly off it before for perhaps the last two years.  It's been nearly two months now.  What's really disheartening is that I haven't lost the craving for it.  Usually, after a week, it's not a big deal anymore; but this time around, I think about chocolate most of the time, and no food is truly satisfying.  I haven't done the CCWS again, but I'm about to restart the Hoodia.I've managed to not lose that tooth I was worried about three years ago.

I avoided the bedbugs this year.  *sigh*  MediaWest was too much for me this year though.  Just like the Stirling Renn Faire, I won't be going back.

Thanks to both SAMe and Acetyl-L-Carnitine, my thinking is doing well.

I'm only moderately depressed.  Otoh, unlike last year, I no longer expect to live another 20 years.  Five is more realistic.  Maybe that's why I'm less depressed.  I am really *so* tired of this game.

The house is continuing to improve.  Very slowly.

And I've gained back the other 10 pounds of the lost 20.  Currently at 185.

On the current front, the day after returning from MediaWest I got hit with what I believe was sciatica.  It probably only lasted 3 to 5 days, but it morphed into something actually worse.  My back started hurting, and got worse the longer I was on my feet.

I happened to have my yearly doctor checkup on the Tuesday, and he was sure it's spinal stenosis.  I looked that up, but am not much more educated about it.  Anyway, he's sending me for:

  • X-rays

  • Bone density

  • echocardiogram

  • chiropractor

  • heart doctor

Along with my already scheduled pacemaker check.

*sigh*  I hate wasting time going to doctors.  Especially now that my back is improving and I'm getting around again without a crutch.

Tags: depression, diet, health, heart, life, mwc, pacemaker, pain, sewing
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