Taro (mother2012) wrote,


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, and no one around here mentioned anything that they were grateful for, I think I'll get around to my list. (Since I don't have much mail to respond to today.)

These are most certainly not in order of importance. In fact, they may be each equally important!
1)   My daughter. Always my daughter. How close I came to not having her, how grateful I am for her.
2)   My husband. We are not so in love as I would have liked for my life, but he is the source of everything good in it.
3)   My house; my home. I'm so glad to finally be moving back in, even if it's going to be awfully inconvenient for a while.
4)   My sons and my grandchildren. Even if I don't see any of them much, and we have absolutely nothing in common. I'm still glad for them.
5)   Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson.
6)   Hobbits!
7)   Elijah Wood
8)   You guys.
9)   This nice computer which enables me to know you guys.
10)  Cable modem!
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