Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Driving on Snow

I swear! a little bit of snow wipes out people's brains.

I take my daughter to school in the morning. This morning there is oh! almost an inch of snow! for the first time this year. Surprisingly, it was rather slippery underneath it, so I was going slow. As I approached the entrance to the school (bear in mind I wasn't doing more than 15 mph), I put on my 4-ways and pulled over.

And the idiot behind me, apparently unable to see 4-ways when there's snow on the ground, follows me over to the side of the road and then is surprised when I stop! So he slams on his brake and skids sideways.

Good thing there wasn't anyone else coming.

So then I'm up at the corner, turning to go back home and waiting for the traffic. It's a 5-way corner with no light or all-way stop, but everyone there manipulates it every weekday morning. Today, however, the person across from me is incapable of seeing that there is traffic coming which has the right-of-way and pulls out *right* in front of them!

Good thing it's a wide road with plenty of room for the oncoming car to dodge them.

Maybe frozen brains don't work, I don't know. *I* don't have any problem with it. And I don't even have any heat in my car!

(I know, Karma will get me tomorrow!)
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