Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Dom hints about Viggo's sexuality

I'll bet the Vig/Orli shippers picked up on this one ages ago, but I hadn't heard it and just encountered it on the TTT Part Four:

(Many of the Rohan riders were actually woman made up with beards.)

Dom: I actually happen to know the story of Viggo becoming quite fond of a Rohan man who turned out to be a woman ... with a kind of strawberry blonde beard - she’s a woman so I get that out of her, but she is also bearded which means I get kind of a different spin on - ... and that’s fine. You know, Viggo’s an artist and he can do whatever he wants. It’s not really gonna float my boat but I’m not going to say anything against him. You just keep on trucking Viggo.

That’s great. He’s gonna kick the fuck out of me for that one.

Viggo: I can’t honestly deny anything that Mr. Monaghan has said, or implied ... but I am thankful that he showed a measure of discretion ... and gentlemanly restraint ... I mean one could, but perhaps shouldn’t, delve into some of his stranger episodes, but perhaps I’ll save that.
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