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Yesterday was interesting, I must say. The first installment of the insurance money came, we signed for a contractor to start on the roof on Wednesday, I picked up my nephew to start on tearing down rotting plaster and lattice, and I came down with strep.

It feels like it was at least three days.

Good thing I had amoxicillin in the 'fridge. By the time I had taken four of them yesterday (and six Tri-dophilus, 3000 mg of vit. C, and two aspirin) I was able to stand up again.

I wonder what other adults do? There is no way in the world I was capable of even calling the doctor yesterday, much less actually getting there. Now that I feel better, I'm going in a few minutes. That will garner me more antibiotic to use the next time. Better ask for a Diflocan while I'm at it.
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