Taro (mother2012) wrote,


My wonderful jewel of a daughter.

We were meditating last night, which we haven't done in a while, though she's been doing it with Travanti. While suffusing herself with light, she was looking at various problems possible in her system.

She asked me what could cause heart problems and I, clueless, said, "Usually cholesterol." She then told me that she saw a dark spot on her heart and it looked like there was inflamation. Duh! She's sitting there with strep, and of course she doesn't know that strep has heart involvement.

She got down to her foot, the one she fell on about three weeks ago which is still black-and-blue, and said, "I damaged it more than I thought I did." She said the bone was fine, but the muscle appeared torn.

I asked her to look at my hip. She said it looks absolutely awful, and described two places where the bone is especially bad which correspond exactly to where it get the most pain. She said the bone is really bad there, and the muscles get caught on it. Her recommendation - go to bed and don't move for two days. Wish I could.

After some other personal stuff, I asked her to go find Dom. She said, "Is he on an island?" (She is so oblivious to my boys' activities.) I said yes. She said, "It looks like it's out in the middle of the biggest ocean." I said yes to that, and asked how he was feeling. She said he's sort of happy, but feeling displaced, unsure whether there's something missing or not. I asked whether he wishes he were with Elijah. She said Elijah did or said something to put a rift between them. I wish I could remember her exact words about it.

When I asked her to look in on Elijah, her guide wouldn't really take her there, but her comments altogether made me think that they've had some kind of disagreement about how to handle their relationship. My own impression is that Elijah thinks it's time for them to move on, since they can't be physically together very much.
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