Taro (mother2012) wrote,

American Hero

This is the same Congressman who pushed the IRS Reform Bill, requiring IRS to prove their charges before garnishing citizen's wages and taking their homes.

From "Zine 22":

IN early 2000, the US Justice Department and the INS executed successful undercover operation. "Squeeze Play" was designed to break up an Asian human cargo smuggling ring. The INS operation also uncovered that the Chinese government was directly involved. In the end, 6 individuals, including a Chinese general, were indicted by a US grand jury in Detroit. The indictment of Chinese General Fhang Wei included a videotaped evidence taken by Canadian undercover operative James Leigh who managed to penetrate the smuggling ring. Leigh also identified corrupt INS officials who would allow quick and easy entry into the US.

When the ramification became to counterproductive to Bill Clinton's China policy, the Clinton administration shut down Operation Squeeze Play and refused to pursue the evidence that pointed directly to Beijing. Leigh was dumped and received no further government cooperation. Sonewalled at every turn, James Leigh than went to Congressman Jim Traficant (D-OH) for assistance. Outraged, Jim Traficant demanded a Congresional hearing into Operation Squeeze Play. His relentless pursuit of the affair both in the House and the media brought down the wrath of the US Justice Department. Eventually, Justice Department officials approached Leigh and asked for his assitance to railroad Jim Traficant. When Leigh refused the officials said, "We're gonna get him no matter what we have to do." Consequently, a litany of phony charges were trumped up against the Congressman.

During the Congressional expulsion vote Traficant won the oral motion to stay all expulsion proceedings until an investigation into claims of corruption could be made. However, Congressman Hefley insisted that, in spite of the victory, a written vote be taken. Hefley obviously knew that most of the gutless wonders in Congress would not have the courage to sign a stay of proceedings under threat of retaliation. Jim Traficant's witnesses were threaten ed and pressured to lie. When they refused, federal district judge Leslie Brooks Wells violated her oath of office by disqualifying testimony that would have exonerated the Congressman. She also would not allow a "jury of peers", permitting no jurors from his district who are fond of him. Equally shocking, there was a trial before this same judge on a non-related matter, and evidence from that trial was actually exonerating Traficant. That evidence was also ignored by teh district judge. And the attorney tring to present this separate case her her license revocked for wanting to tell the truth.

Here we have a public figure, a former respected Sheriff, who was elected by the people of his district, who was speaking out against corruption, and therefore was targeted to be silenced and for destruction, in spite of documented corruption in the courts. Jim's attorney, Linda Kennedy, has been under attack as well for maintaining her courageous stand against the crooks in high secret places. It is beyond comprehension that in a supposedly free and democratic society a corrupt judge can arbitrarily disqualify exonerating evidence and thus decide the outcome of a lawsuit to satisfy her own personal bias. Jim Traficant was consequently sentenced to 8 years in prison by this kangaroo court and finds some $250,000.

In and unprecedented move, all over America outraged citizens are filing complaints against this judge. These complaints will tarnish her record and my keep her from moving forward in the federal courts. To participate in the complaint campaign write to: www.givemeliberty.org/SUMMER/Traficant7-01-02.htm. Donations to Jim's defense fund can be sent to: Traficant Legal defense Fund, P.O. Box 647, Canfield, OH 44406.
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