Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Hip replacement

For those who have wondered:

Yep, hip replacement is the way to go. (Says she who isn't truly out of the woods yet.) Two weeks in and I am already getting around better than I was before the operation.

I'm still very swollen. My right hip looks about two inches wider than my left, and this can get uncomfortable sitting. But there's very little by way of pain. Okay, I do take an aspirin, ibuprophen, and acetominophin at night, and an aspirin with one other twice a day. But any pain I have is a whole lot less than before the operation. I figure that by the time the swelling is gone, I'll be walking normally. And I can hardly wait!

I do have to be very careful of my 'angles'. Since the joint no longer has cartilage or tendons, I have to be extremely carful not to dislocate it. It will form scar tissue that takes the place of cartilage, and after six weeks there isn't too much worry, after three months I can push it and try for greater flexibility. But right now I can't allow it to be less than 90 degrees. Notice yourself sitting on the couch and see whether your leg is at less than 90 degrees. Try getting up without folding up more than that. It's okay though, because with the arthritis, I couldn't bend it that far.

So things are looking good.

Beyond that, my 'heart sister', Mary, came to help out, both with things I can't do and with the house. And decided to move in. We're carving out three rooms and turning them into an apartment for her. It has definitely speeded up the rate at which things have improved.
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