Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Fixing house

It proceeds apace.

Last week on Friday the wrecking crew removed the burned roof. Monday the electric company finally turned on the electricity, about 10 minutes before my contractor showed up to start builing the new roof. On Tuesday it rained, so the wrecking crew took an inside-job and removed all the plaster and lattice walls and ceilings from four rooms. There are two left to do, but the contents had to be stored somewhere.

Today the rafters are up, and most of the plywood. The gable is being constructed. I'm going to start wiring. With most of the beams exposed, I think that all new wiring upstairs is a good idea.

It's easy but hard. The hard part is drilling holes through beams to run the wires, where it hasn't already been done. Those are tough old 2x4's, and there was previously only one outlet per room. Other hard part is actually cutting the wires. I'm using 12 gauge up from the circuit breaker box, and it's rather tough. I think the old tin snips will do it, but they were getting rather dull, not being made for that and all. Might use the old loppers instead. Individual 14 gauge wires can be cut with the new wirecutters I got. I had a pair, but like most of my small tools, they were in the attic.

Today's goal is to get the washer and dryer functional, so that I can wash everything in the house, and actually have a greater selection of clothes to wear. My nephew was a bit careless in taking down the walls in the laundry, and smashed the drainpipe, so I have to fix that before I can use the washer. And in order to move the dryer out of that room to do the walls, we had to shut off the gas; so I have to get the hot water heater relit before I have either hot water or an effective dryer.

Also, MUST get a request in to the bank to send out an inspector for the first third of the work. I figure that the roof satisfies a third. While it isn't done yet, I have to get the request for the inspector in considerably ahead of time. If I want to get the second third of the funds any time soon. And I do, because I need insulation and drywall now!
Tags: fire, house, wiring
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