Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Read this today, and thought that it bears repeating (often):

here's something i've known for a long time, and yet seems to bear saying one more time.

the whole cuddly unicorns and hopping bunnies and pretty flowers attitude to life? is not a sign of stupidity, or childishness, or lack of realism.

it is a sign of great big cojones. it's easy to be bitter, or cynical, or make yourself feel better by making someone else feel worse.

it's hard - it takes guts - to keep putting your heart out there, to keep turning your eyes to what's good about people instead of bad, to keep taking care of people until you fucking feel it.


Anybody can be crappy, even if the crap is clever and snarky it is still sludge. Taking the time to find something positive or supportive or kind, or even taking the time to say a simple thank you with a Monday morning hangover that needs caffeine mainlined to it and some aspirin popped - that is what separates the castrati from the cojones endowed. Amen.

Tags: philosophy
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