Taro (mother2012) wrote,

The beggar

Stopped by Wilson Farms just now, to buy some noodles for chicken soup. There was a beggar outside, which is not unusual. He was sitting in the shade on the pavement, perhaps half a buck in pennies spread out around him, rolling a cigarette. I'd guess he was about 25.

He asked if I had a nickel or dime for the local scumbag, and I gave him a quarter. Then I went back and asked why he was the local scumbag. He said, "It's complicated," and not much else, and I concurred that it's always complicated.
The really weird thing is that he reminded me of my nephew. Talked like him, looked a lot like him. This is especially weird because I can't imagine Tyson ever being in such a predicament. He's a hard worker and family man, and career soldier.

The kid was covered with scrapes and bruises, some of them with bandaids. He said he still had pride in himself and I told him not to give up on himself. I gave him another quarter.

What we do to ourselves and our children is heartrending.
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