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Frozen in Time, chapter 14 of 18

    Warning: Not-quite non-con; almost rape
    Dom is up!
    Did you read 13? Again, you certainly don't have to comment every time, but when you don't I wonder whether you found it. Anyway, it's here
    Rated: Series: NC-17 or E, Chapter 14: E (Explicit)

    Series: Non-con sex. Unconsciousness. Threesome, het and slash sex.
    Toward the end there's some philosophy.
    Contains opinions, assumptions and situations that some might find offensive.
    Medical issues are based on my experience with frostbite, information from the internet, and common
sense. They are pretty much correct, but I have ignored a thing or two. It is, however, a whole lot more accurate than "Forever Young."

    This is entirely written, so you don't need to worry about whether it gets finished. However, while I certainly appreciate that not everyone gives feedback to every chapter (including me), if I don't get much of any positive feedback, I will probably lose interest in posting.

Type: RP het/slash
Pairing: EW/DM/OFC
Disclaimer: This is fiction. And not intended even to be wise. While some of these characters may be based on real people, I don't personally know them. I made it all up out of my perverted little head.
    No, I don't make any money at this.
Archive: No, please.
Feedback: Please feed me. Praise is lovely. Constructive criticism is valued. If you find nothing of value in it, though, please don't bother telling me. You wouldn't be the first person.

Beta: The wonderful elfellon111, who I can't praise enough.

Frozen in Time
A DomLijah Story

by TaroDragon

Part 14

Dom woke to full awareness, knowing that he had been in and out of consciousness. With a little thought, he remembered the car, the cold; remembered a kindly face offering food, warmth, comfort. She had told him her name - Mary - and that he was in her house. She had told him that Elijah was in the next room ...


There had been someone else. Another woman. A woman who had discussed Elijah intimately. A woman who had apparently had sex ... with Elijah!

Couldn't be. He was remembering something wrong.

"I'll give him back," she had said. Like a confession. And the expression on her face ... yes. She was guilty. She had been with him.

My Elijah!

Tears started in his eyes. Could Elijah have done that to him? No! Not possible! And yet he knew, he knew...

He sat up, fought off the resulting dizziness, feeling his hurt slowly turning into anger. While I was unconscious. I could have been dying! And he was with her!

The blood reached his brain; the dizziness subsided. He looked around for his clothes. Then he remembered the last conversation with Mary: He was to stay in bed. He must not get up.

Hell with that!

Shakily, he stood, holding on to the bed until he felt stable enough, then pulled the sheet off and draped it around himself. He had to get to Elijah!

With every movement, every step, he felt stronger and less dizzy. He went to the door and opened it. There was a short hallway to the left, with a door at the end. He walked down the hall and, just before the door, there was a turn to the right. A few feet down, he could see a group of strangers watching a movie on TV, their backs to him. He opened the door.

Elijah was there. Asleep on the bed. Totally naked.

Dom's simmering anger boiled over. It was true then. He could feel his adrenaline rising.

There was no reason whatsoever that Elijah shouldn't be covered. Yes, it was warm in the house, but not warm enough to warrant just being exposed to his caretaker.

Quietly, he closed the door, then silently looked around the room. There was apparently nothing of Elijah's there, just as he had found nothing of his own in the other room. There was, however, an open suitcase with various items spilling out of it.

Curious, he checked closer. There was a zippered case open on top, a makeup kit of sorts - an eyeless mask covered part of it, a chapstick lay off to the side.

A plastic tube on the floor at the foot of the bed caught his eye, and he picked it up. Hand lotion. The flip-open cap hadn't been closed.

Dom knew about tubes of lotion hastily tossed aside without being closed.

Right next to the bed.

He looked again at his lover, lying shamelessly, innocently, wantonly, oblivious.


What had they used the lube for? He couldn't imagine that Elijah had been having anal sex with her. Couldn't really imagine Elijah topping a woman no matter how he looked at it. What did they use the lube for?

There was really only one answer to that.


He looked around for a strap-on, but there was quite clearly not such a thing in the room. Too bad, almost. That would have been rather definitive. But it didn't matter: Whatever she had used, she had entered ... Dom's territory. That sweet little arse that was right now prominently curved toward him.


He squirted some of the lotion onto his fingers.


Ellen started watching the movie with the others, while the boys slept. The five of them had discussed their feelings, their fears, the events, and what would probably happen in the morning, and then gotten caught up in a movie that came on. But no movie held the fascination that was contained in the bedroom, and she quietly left the group to return to him. Precious little time, and she would rather spend it sleeping beside him.

As she opened the guestroom door, Elijah squealed. Her heart nearly stopped. He sounded distressed, in pain.

His cry had covered the sound of the door opening, so she stood there unnoticed, taking in what was happening.

Dom was standing at the edge of the bed, Elijah on hands and knees, butted up against him, Dom's hands firmly imprisoning his hips.

Dom drew back and thrust again, heedless of Elijah's unpreparedness, and Elijah protested again. "Dom ..."

But Dom's face was set and hard. Ellen thought of 'The One Scowl', but there was no compromise behind this look. Perhaps on premonition, he turned and saw her, and the look darkened further into obstinance. He thrust again, hard and deep, jutting his jaw forward as he did so, his eyes narrowing, staring at her, challenging. Then he deliberately looked away from her. Elijah cried out again, a forlorn whimper, twisting, trying to get away.

Ellen locked the door.

She thought quickly. She had already decided - as if it needed her decision - that she would not come between them, that they needed each other. Right now, Dom could be doing some damage to the relationship himself. Screaming at him would be totally futile. The medical consequences of his being upright were already moot. The only thing left to salvage was to turn the moment from revenge into reunion. To attempt to protect Elijah was likely to set all three of them in opposition, but if she accepted Dom ...

So swiftly that it was as though thought had transported her, she was standing behind Dom, pressed up against him firmly, her arms around him. He was so surprised that he stopped thrusting. "Love him," she demanded softly.

She melted into him, being an example of her words by embracing Dom, expanding an aura of calm and love to include him.


Elijah had been awakened by a hand shaking him, and was surprised and delighted to find that it was Dom. He cried his lover's name joyfully, and tried to pull him in for a hug. But Dom was stiff and cold in his arms, and shrugged him off.

"Turn over," he commanded roughly.

Warily, Elijah did so, knowing that Dom had sex on his mind, but not understanding. He had been so afraid for Dom, so afraid that this private happiness might end, so afraid that he had buried his fears by clinging to Ellen. He wanted to feel Dom's love and aliveness, not his sex. He wanted Dom's arms around him, not his cock inside him.

But if this was what Dom needed to feel alive and connected, then this was what Elijah would give. Dom apparently intended to stand, which was not particularly unusual, so Elijah got on hands and knees and presented his nether regions.

Dom's hands gripped his hips with bruising strength, his fingers digging into Elijah's hipbones and then, shocking his partner completely, he began to push his cock up against Elijah's sphincter. No fingers, no stretching, no foreplay; just Dom's cock demanding entrance.

"Dom?" he inquired tentatively. For answer Dom only thrust again, gaining entrance by sheer force and determination.

"Dom!" he protested, feeling pain and quite possibly tearing, and maybe a bit of fear, because his lover was acting so oddly, so uncaringly. So uncharacteristically. But Dom didn't answer him, only kept thrusting, and it dawned on Elijah what was wrong.

He knows.

Betrayal, hopelessness, fear that he had lost Dom's love, all created a mental pain that was far worse than the pain in his ass, and he screamed. He kept it quiet, because in spite of his state of mind, he knew that this was between the two of them, that 'rescue' was not an option and interference not desired.

But it hurt, dammit! Dom hadn't asked for any explanation, was totally uncaring of how Elijah had felt - lost, cut off from everything familiar, in fear for his own life and Dom's, drowning in an uncaring sea that pulled him along without his will.

Dom thrust again, using his cock as a weapon, hard and deep, and Elijah began to panic, began to struggle.

"Dom ..." he tried, one more time. Listen to me, hold me, let me explain! But Dom's only answer was another punishing attack. More angry than in pain now, Elijah struggled harder, irrational terror descending like a dark cloud over his reason.

"...Love him." Ellen's whispered words were like the echo of a dream, and he didn't think it was real. But he could feel a difference in Dom. He had stopped thrusting, and his fingers dug less painfully.


There was an endless moment while the atmosphere of the room changed. Elijah relaxed, and Dom's look on him transformed to remorse.

"Love him," Ellen whispered again, taking her own advice and loving the tense body she held.

Dom withdrew suddenly from Elijah, who collapsed onto the bed. He turned nimbly and shoved Ellen hard enough to make her stumble. "Get out," he demanded.

Ellen was actually quaking inside, but it didn't show. "I don't think so." It was incredibly difficult to withstand that hard, hating gaze.

"He's mine," Dominic hissed. It was like the warning of a snake about to attack.

"Sblomie." A small, hopeless sound. Ellen wanted to stand between them, to confront Dom, protect Elijah. And knew that was exactly the wrong thing to do. Less challenge was needed, not more. She went around the bed, so that Elijah was between her and Dom.

"I'm not going to take him from you. I couldn't if I tried."

"Dommie..." Elijah tried again. There was a sob in his voice. Ellen couldn't ignore him any more, she sat on the bed, touched his shoulder.

"Listen, Dom. You shouldn't be up. I've done as much as I can," she put pleading in her voice instead of command, "but you're putting a lot of stress on a body that was dead a few hours ago. Please lie down." She glanced meaningfully at the space on the other side of Elijah.

"Dead?" Dom looked puzzled.

"You died, Dom," Elijah told him. "You died!" Giving way to the sobs, he held out his arms to his lover. Dom gave in suddenly. He did feel weak, Elijah's love called to him from those incredibly expressive eyes, and suddenly he felt a little ridiculous, standing naked and outraged. He would feel a whole lot less pathetic lying down, anyway. In Elijah's arms. Choking back a sob of his own, he came into that embrace with relief.

Ellen thought for a moment, then pulled the covers up over them. Then, very deliberately, she took off her clothes, not hurrying, not making a show either. She slipped in next to Elijah and wrapped an arm around the two of them, the other arm propping her up so that she could see their faces. Elijah's smile through his tears threatened to split his face in two. "I gave you back to him," Ellen said, looking Dom directly in the eye. "Now I'm giving him back to you. We both love him." She paused for emphasis. "We love him together."

Her eyes slid down to Elijah's monkey-grin, back to Dom's uncertain gaze. "Kiss him. Before I do."

Dom's scrutiny returned to Elijah, and his face lit up, suddenly letting it all go, reducing awareness only to the miracle of being back together. Suddenly acutely aware that the last time he held this precious partner was in the car, feeling the beloved body going cold in his embrace, slipping away. He moved in closer, as though to assure himself of the warmth there now. With a last glance up at Ellen, reproving her for watching this reunion, he decided to ignore her; brought his mouth to Elijah's sweet lips, lost himself in the warmth of his welcome. Lost control, lost awareness of losing control, thinking only of the union of souls, as the tears streamed from his eyes.

Ellen knew she should look away, but couldn't tear her eyes off that poignant scene. Dom's tears, Elijah squirming between them. My bowel turns to water. A Biblical phrase. Very apt. Very nearly literal. A feeling so profound it was almost acute fear. Or 'my cup runneth over'. Not much difference. Dom's face seemed to glow, as though he had internalized some of the luminance behind Elijah's face.

She watched the landscape of the blanket shifting as Dom's arm moved, his hand relearning Elijah's body. She let it go for a few minutes as the dynamic kiss continued, but after awhile she gently laid her hand over his through the blanket.


He peered up at her without breaking off, annoyed with her intrusion.

"Dom, stop before you can't," gently. "You've taxed your body enough for now. Sleep first." He closed his eyes again, pointedly ignoring her.

"If you won't think of yourself, think of Elijah. You both need to sleep first."

That got through. The kiss became less passionate. He brought the wandering hand up to Elijah's face. Glanced over at Ellen. She smiled affectionately. "Or do I have to drag you back to the other bed?"

He broke off to discredit that. "You couldn't."

Of course she couldn't. "Try me."

Dom lay back against the pillow. She could almost hear the crack as they broke apart. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Just a basically good person who happened to be there. 'Course, I happen to think I'm a pretty special person, but I don't have any credentials to prove it. Alternate theory is that I'm God. Just ask Elijah." Dom cocked an inquisitive eyebrow toward that third party.

Elijah grinned conspiratorially. "Cleo says she's God. She's actually just an angel." His eyes slid teasingly over to her, as though to ask, Did I do good? She couldn't resist touching him, stroking briefly down his short hair. Dom visibly startled. "Cleo says she's God?!"

"Well, I did raise the dead." She giggled.

Dom was suddenly both serious and interested. "Tell me," he demanded.

Ellen took a deep breath and shifted position to relieve the arm that had gone to sleep. Ended up with her other arm back across the two of them, hand on Dom's shoulder.

"You were pretty bad off, Dom. Colder than Elijah, and not coming out of it as fast. I didn't think you were going to make it. Cleo...," she looked at Elijah. "Did I tell you she gave a fake name? I think I liked her better as 'Susan'." She laughed shortly, remembering. "Any time you want to bring her up short, just call her 'Susan'. Anyway, it just didn't get through her thick skull that you could actually die." She paused, reflectively. "And then you did."

She studied him seriously. "By then, though, I'd gotten a bit stubborn about the whole thing."

"She used a car battery," Elijah put in, wanting to get to the good part.

"A what!? For what?"

"The primary cause of death in freezing is fibrillation. Your heart went into arrhythmia and then stopped."

Dom wasn't slow. "So you used a car battery?"

She shrugged nonchalantly, though her eyes twinkled. "Whatever works."

"You'll have to ask Cleo about it," Elijah said. "She tells it much more dramatically."

Ellen grinned. "I should have taken a picture of her on the floor sobbing."

Dom barked a laugh. "I'd like to have seen that!"

Ellen took note that he was now quite relaxed and smiled to herself, relieved. "Now that you know I own you for the duration, would you sleep, please?" For answer, Dom's eyes glittered rebelliously. Oops, pushed a little too hard. "I'm very serious. We don't know what kind of stress there still is on your system." Inspiration. "Tell you what, I'll rub your back."

"Elijah can rub my back," stubbornly.

"Elijah needs to sleep too. Turn over so I can get your back. Or did you want me to rub somewhere else?"

Dom looked at her long and appraisingly, and she kept still and let him look. Held her gaze steady on him without staring or glaring, trying to pretend that she was the superior one. Finally he said, "Okay," turned on his stomach, and found Elijah's hand. Ellen, reaching across Elijah, gently caressed his back.
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