Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I know exactly where to find the twenty best people on the face of the earth right now. Thank you so much to all of you. I sit here and read your comments over and over. And eventually I'll get over crying.

Sooner. My husband just came in from spending time with his brother and a good friend of theirs and gave me a very rewarding hug. He said he was feeling guiltier and guiltier for being mad at me for losing the tools to do the job he didn't want to do anyway.

So things are better.

And more: I had sent my story, the big main one, to ONE person, who I didn't think kept it. But I have it safe in my email. It isn't quite complete, but at one point I had printed it out, so I have an old version of the missing segment. I'm not sure yet how much I had done beyond these, but I am so grateful for this.

So I am missing mostly the tarot cards, the book I did for Elijah (though I have a printed version of that too), and the present I was working on for him now. The rest of Frozen in Time is still on my laptop, along with the sequel I had begun, so I'll be able to continue that soon.

So I suppose life will go on. With renewed determination to remain open and kind, but much less trusting.
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