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Frozen in Time, chapter 15 of 18

    Warning: Three-way sex
    Ahh, kind of sappy again.
    At long last. I hope the next will be quicker.
    Rated: Series: NC-17 or E, Chapter 15: E (Explicit)

    Series: Non-con sex. Unconsciousness. Threesome, het and slash sex.
    Toward the end there's some philosophy.
    Contains opinions, assumptions and situations that some might find offensive.
    Medical issues are based on my experience with frostbite, information from the internet, and common
sense. They are pretty much correct, but I have ignored a thing or two. It is, however, a whole lot more accurate than "Forever Young."

    This is entirely written, so you don't need to worry about whether it gets finished. However, while I certainly appreciate that not everyone gives feedback to every chapter (including me), if I don't get much of any positive feedback, I will probably lose interest in posting.

Type: RP het/slash
Pairing: EW/DM/OFC
Disclaimer: This is fiction. And not intended even to be wise. While some of these characters may be based on real people, I don't personally know them. I made it all up out of my perverted little head.
    No, I don't make any money at this.
Archive: No, please.
Feedback: Please feed me. Praise is lovely. Constructive criticism is valued. If you find nothing of value in it, though, please don't bother telling me. You wouldn't be the first person.

Beta: The wonderful elfellon111, who has again put her finger on exactly the right points.

Frozen in Time
A DomLijah Story

by TaroDragon

Part 15
Menage á Trois

She continued the massage for a long time, not wanting to stop too soon. Not wanting to stop at all, except that eventually her arm wore out. She wanted to leave it stretched across them, but didn’t want to inhibit their movements, wanted Dom to sleep well. While she was also tired, she wasn’t sleepy enough to give up conscious awareness of the cherished body pressed against her, skin-to-skin. So she just lay still for a long time, resting, sometimes drowsing a little.

She came to full awareness as she perceived motion - Elijah's body, shifting just slightly but provocatively - Dom's arm, sliding over Elijah’s flesh, whispering against the sheet. Elijah giggled a little. Dom shushed him. "Don’t wake the bitch," he whispered. "Let's go in the other room."

"Dom ..." though he didn't whisper, Elijah’s voice was very soft. He sighed, not knowing how to contradict. Finally he came out with it. "She’s not a bitch. And I ..." He hesitated a long time, and Ellen kept her breathing very low key, anticipating his response. Would he stand up to Dom? Did he want to? Did he want to leave her now, forget her now that he was in Dom's arms? When he finally thought of wording to use, his voice had dropped lower, and she barely heard it. "I want her to stay."

Ellen could hear Dom shift position. "What, you want to let her watch?"

Elijah didn't say anything. After a moment, Dom tried to clarify. "You want to watch?"

Still no answer. Ellen could imagine Elijah trying to figure out how he would feel about either of those options. After a while, voice rising a bit with incredulity, Dom asked, "You want to fuck her?"

"No!" Elijah's knee-jerk reaction to that held all the disgust of the confirmed gay. Then he remembered, and hedged it a bit. "It was kind of neat, though."

"Jesus, Lighe!"

Ellen opened her eyes, slowly raised up on one elbow, couldn't resist a possessive hand on Elijah's chest. "I think what he's trying to say, Dom, is that he's enjoying being loved by both of us."

She smiled down at the deceptively innocent blue eyes, was momentarily blinded by his sunny smile in return, confirming what she said. "I decided," she emphasized the word, "to love you for his sake. You're not required to love me." Then she looked up at him seductively. "Maybe you would like to watch?" She didn't wait for an answer, dipped her head to bring her lips to Elijah's mouth. Kissed lightly, not wanting to make him put on a show if Dom was disapproving. She saw him glance up to get information on that, then he closed his eyes and responded, sucking in her tongue. Dom's going with it, she interpreted.

She found a nipple to play with and explored his mouth, then moved down to bite his throat. Maybe a little too energetically; he squeaked a protest. She sucked up the soft skin at the base of his throat, and moved her hand down his torso, exploring lower. But she was anxious to get to more sensitive areas, lifted her head to find a nipple. And saw Dom getting off the bed, an already firm erection obvious. He got something off the floor - Ellen recognized her body lotion. Undoubtedly what he used before - he knew right where it was. She suckled a nipple, watching him squeeze out a handful, felt her vagina twitch as he applied it to himself, and her stomach knot as he applied it to Elijah, smearing down his crack, using a finger to work it in.

"God!" The exclamation broke from her without forethought. She couldn't suck his tit anymore, had to watch Dom's fingers ...

His eyes met hers, challenging yet accepting, an ironic grin twitching one corner of his mouth. She realized she was licking her lips, her tongue automatically responding to the feeling that something delicious was near. Not wanting to look like a dorky voyeur, she came in on Elijah's penis which was only beginning to harden, sucked it into her mouth, twirled her tongue around the end of it.

"Oh, fuck!" his involuntary cry sounded almost like her own. He shuddered, arched his back.

Dom knelt on the floor to zero in on where the action was. He had been unexpectedly aroused by the woman bending over Elijah, asserting a right which only Dom had exacted before. But he felt the need to stake his territory, now. Locking gaze again with Ellen, he slowly inserted a finger, making full use of the length of that digit, barely noting Elijah's gasp. Let the bitch try to compete with me! He had to close his eyes, though, for a moment, as he remembered what she had said. Love him. And he did love him. So much it made his knees weak to think about it. Good thing he was kneeling on them. He opened his eyes again, determined to ignore her, concentrated on the familiar task of preparing Elijah to receive him.

He felt another wrench choke his throat as he remembered what he had done an hour or so before. Elijah hadn't forgotten. His anus was tight, and not quickly relaxing. How could he have been so blinded by rage as to do such a thing?

The bitch had stopped sucking, was just lying there watching him, stroking Elijah's hip and thigh...

Acting on sudden impulse, without the conscious awareness of deciding to dominate, he stood up, twisted his fingers in her hair, and brought her to his crotch. Was surprised to actually find no resistance. He was sucked into a wet burrow, as though vacuumed up. His cock surrounded by pulsing and sucking ... maybe he'd felt it that good before, but he couldn't remember when. Her tongue, her mouth, her throat, caressed his length and pulled, as though she would pull the semen out of him, pull his balls right out through his cock. "Jesus, God!" He realized after his startled exclamation that he reacted the same way Elijah had.

He wanted to hold her head there, hold on to that feeling. He also wanted his seed in Elijah, right now. His body demanded one thing, his heart another. But she freed him of the choice, let him go. She looked up at him, amused, provocative, ironic; his jealousy melted suddenly. Somehow she wasn't a rival anymore. .

"I want to watch," she admitted, surprising him. "I want to watch you claim him."

The admittance changed things. All of a sudden she was part of them, part of this now, this gestalt of feeling. All of a sudden it was all right, as though it had been his idea, and he had invited her to join them. She turned around to look at Elijah's face, and Dom's gaze followed hers.

Elijah was smiling, happy. Dom's fingers were been busy again, probing and stretching, even as Ellen had returned to nursing Elijah's cock. Back to the important stuff, now that they had established the pecking order. Elijah closed his eyes; Dom knew that signal. I'm yours. I'm ready. Do what you want with me. His beautiful lover. His beautiful ... girl? man? husband? wife? Partner. But his emotion-clouded mind wasn't really on semantics. He was simply overwhelmed that this angel - still! - loved and trusted him.

He slid up onto the bed, kneeling between Elijah's thighs, pulled those slender legs up over his shoulders. Pressed his proud manhood against Elijah's entrance, thrust forward, watching the head of his member squeezing, trying to gain entrance; glanced up at Elijah's face.

He almost lost his erection, taking in the look of pain. He was overcome with remorse for what he had done earlier. It crashed in on him suddenly. It was really no less than rape! My Elijah! Tears sprang to his eyes. How could I have done that? And Elijah had loved him even then! His protests had been mild. He hadn't yelled, he had not returned the violence in kind. Dom was well aware, when he thought about it, that Elijah was strong enough to have fought him off, if he had been willing to risk hurting Dom.

Was Elijah really going to relax now, and accept him? Was there really enough love and trust left between them? He hesitated, afraid to push his suit, afraid to go forward, afraid of the physical rejection.

Ellen was watching. She was so still he didn't think she was breathing. Slowly, she released Elijah's penis, looked up at Dom, then over to Elijah. Reached over and stroked that beautiful but contorted face, then looked back at Dom.

"Fuck him, Dom," she said. There was no heat in her voice, just casual advice, but her eyes flamed. "Make him yours."

Sudden flashback of the first time; Elijah crying out in pain, making himself stand it, not pull away; Dom soothing, telling him it was going to be good ... going slow.

        It was too tight. Dom hadn't been with a lot of men, but enough for
        comparison, and he was beginning to panic. He desperately wanted it to be good
        for Elijah. It had been hard enough to overcome Elijah's shyness in the first
        place - to convince him that following his natural desire for a man was the
        better moral ground over persuading himself to desire a woman. He had to show
        him that this was okay ... natural ... good. He clamped down on his own
        emotions. He needed to convey calm assurance.

        "It's hard at first," he said gently. "Just like it is for a woman." Maybe
        not the best approach. "I'm so glad you waited for me. I'm going to make it
        good for you." Then, "I'm going to use my fingers again."

        He had done it right the first time, but now he started over - one finger - and
        Elijah relaxed. Dom made sure to brush that hard little spot, just a teaser,
        and smiled somewhat grimly at Elijah's incredulous reaction.

        "That's just a taste," he whispered hoarsely, reaching out to touch the boy's
        face, both awed and amused by the surprised wonder there.

I still love you,"
he thought now. Elijah's pleasure was still the more important goal. But immersing his emotions in that love was intensifying his desire.

"Make him yours."

With his hips wanting to thrust, his thighs trembling with the tension and very real fear, slowly he pushed forward, watching Elijah's face, watching Ellen watching Elijah's face.

Loving him together.

The emotion was too much and his hips jerked forward convulsively; he couldn't help it. Elijah cried out, a controlled scream, gripping Ellen's thigh so hard that her skin went white around the indentations of his fingers, and Dom wanted to die on the spot. But then Elijah caught his breath and began to relax, and Dom slipped in now, easily, with the next thrust.

Unaware of the tears of love and relief streaming down his face, he gave in to his passion, gave in to the physical pleasure of his cock enclosed in Elijah's tight arse, the delicious friction of Elijah's strong muscles caressing him. Ellen was returned to her appointed task, where she could watch that organ plunge into Elijah, over and over. Elijah was a joy to watch, his face ecstatic, his slim body pumping, graceful white hand clenching the blanket, other hand in Ellen's hair; and his tight passage gripping, embracing Dom's invasion.

Elijah was arching up against them now, against Ellen's mouth, against Dom's shaft. Frantic twitching, humping, each breath a cry begging for release; a scene too exquisite for human heart to bear. Dom changed the angle of his thrust, aiming deliberately for the prostate, and Elijah cried out, this time his scream sweet to hear. He jerked and shuddered spasmodically; Ellen reached up and squeezed his balls until he lay still and panting. Then, as Dom drove in harder, faster, Ellen slowly rose up on her knees, angled her head toward him. He watched her fascinated, knowing in some part of his head what she meant to do, excitement building. As her lips covered his, he opened his mouth to take the gift, sweet-salty. Felt his own seed explode into Elijah even as he accepted Elijah's into himself.

Ellen faded back to the bed, leaving him a full view of the beloved body he was filling, the body he nearly lost. The overwhelming remembrance heightened his climax. He threw his head back, freezing, lost in the moment as the contractions peaked and abated; then opened his eyes and, head bowed now, stroked Elijah's groin.

Then he slumped over, lay against that white body, leaned up to that smiling face, and passed on the kiss.
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