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I'm making a post for the sole reason that I feel like it!

Raederle meant to have a party tonight. Kind of a 'room warming' thing to let her friends know that she has a place to hang out.

When you go up the attic stairs, the first area is where the kids can sit around, watch TV, play games, etc; then the second area is where her bed is, and the last area will be the bathroom. Beyond that, the lower part of the attic, will shortly have a ladder down to the second floor.

We've been pushing to finish the walls in the bed area, so that she could move her bed there, out of the first area. But the kids have mostly all cancelled on her for one reason or another, so I'm taking the day off from working on her room. I'm not really pleased about it. I'd LIKE for them to start seeing it as a place to be.

I should be cutting the door from Mary's living room to her bedroom, so that she stops having to go out into the hall to do that. But she has gone to an interview, so I'm goofing off.

Just for your knowledge and edification, I will shortly be posting Chapter 16 of Frozen in Time, since Elfie has already taken time from her packing to go over it for me. As always, she has put her finger right on the pulse and figured out what is missing.

And you all know, right?, that if you click on the tag 'frozen' you'll get all the chapters of FiT.

ETA: Does anyone know the address of the site that tracked the progress of filming LotR? All of my favorites, of course, went with the hard drive.
Tags: family, frozen, house
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