Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Proud and Pimping

I'm so proud of this comment by slipperieslope, I just can't say.

"I was grinning so wide my face has yet to recover from my bedtime stories last night. You got me. Okay, I resisted falling for this story even though you were writing it so beautifully. I just was unsure of the narrating character, I didn't trust her motives or her judgment.

But I have so fallen off the wagon and into the wallow. Now, I have the feeling that this scene is where you were heading the entire time. What devoted fangirl would not have wanted to be there to witness this, I ask you? And to participate? OMG! And you did it without the main character's heterosexual orientation interfering and got it so right that I can only stand back and applaud with total amazement.

Stunning achievement!

And I bought it. You sustained verisimilitude for me as reader and kept me there in the room on the bed with them while they made love and I totally bought it and I think that is quite a feat considering my reserves.

Your characterizations and motives and behaviors for Dom and Elijah were very real and the characterization of your OC main character... well, by gosh I would recognize her in an SUV on a dark and snowy night be she angel or demon. Great job! Brava!"

So! Next post, chapter 16. Not a lick of sex in it. The last two will follow as my computer(s) allow: laptop - screen is going bad; this one - very infected and closing down - internet explorer doesn't work any more; mine - ????
Tags: frozen
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