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Toronto Saturday

I can't make this too long, as the only place to get my laptop online requires standing. And I have done A LOT of standing.

I had not been scheduled to volunteer today because I had specified that I had to have Saturday free. But as I discovered yesterday, the t-shirt is power.

Elijah was scheduled for 3:00. Our tickets specified that we were to be lined up at 2:00 (sharp, not before) and would be allowed in to be seated at 2:15.

Ha. They don't know our fans.

In the first place, someone else was scheduled for 2:00, so how could they seat us then? Madness.

Hoping to ingratiate myself, I volunteed early, at 11:30, and did crowd control in front of the autograph booths. I was getting quite good at that.
"Please do not wait on the red carpet."
"If you're waiting to take a picture of someone, please wait in line with them."
"The autograph lines are behind the curtains."
"Take your picture and keep moving. Please."

At 1:30 I left there and headed for the I&I room. (Intimate and Interactive.) Lilith and Lor were already in line, Lor since 11:00. Still hoping for special priviledge, I began policing the 'non-line'. It was strictly impressed upon us that there was NO LINE. So I kept people up tight against the wall, out of the way, and started lining them up. Of course this was everyone, Gold, Silver, or Bronze tickets, so I knew it would change.

Security comes along and says the line is getting too close to the hotel door, reverse it. So we did that. I kept pushing people back, explaining that if it was rowdy or clogged the corridor, they would disperse the line. The man in charge of the line (who wasn't there because there was NO LINE) was an asshole (excuse the language). He did not particularly appreciate, or even notice, my work; but the man who *really* was doing it, who just took orders, did. Upshot of all of that was that I ended up in the front row with Lilith and Lor. Who deserved it - Lor for being there so early and Lilith for her wonderful pictures.

Before going in, I went and checked out with the volunteer head. The guy who was really in charge of what the volunteers did, Joel, was there and I explained how hard I'd been working, my loud, official-sounding voice and asked if I could work the autograph line, the location of which had not yet been announced. He said yes, and to be there, at the booth, at 3:30 to 3:45, since that was when the I&I would end.

But of course getting in was a complete riot. First they had to winnow out all of the silver and bronze people who were waiting (which thankfully was not any of those who had been waiting for hours). Security came along as this was being discussed and said to Get People Out Of There. So, under orders from security, I and a staff member sent all the Silver and Bronze up the escalator. Asshole had an absolute fit. "What are you doing? Who gave that order? *I* didn't say that!" We did it anyway.

By the time the I&I started, it was I think 3:20. I mean the Clive Barker people weren't even out of the room until after 3:00, then they had to reset it, and sort all the people.

Then there was a REAL snaffu. I still don't know where it came from. As a surprise move, they told people to check the back of their ticket. If it had an 'A' on it in the right handwriting, they were to get in the 'A' line and go in first.

Excuse my language again. What The Fuck? There were no reserved seats. Gold was supposed to be Gold. I did not have such an 'A' but wasn't worried about it, because as a 't-shirt' I could be wherever I wished. Anyway Lilith had her 'A' and saved me a seat. About 10 feet from Elijah.

It started well. Elijah was happy and perky, having had, as he said, nine hours of sleep and was well rested for the first time in at least a week. I'll post the rest of the comments that I made notes on later, though there may be a transcript available.

Since I was hoping for extra, I really wanted to work the autograph line, so at 3:45 I tore myself away. It was hard.

It is also my one regret.

I reported in to the booth. Joel wasn't there, the other guy called him. He said send her downstairs. Where? Doesn't matter. (In other words, we're still not saying where.) Joel wasn't there. Someone said they guessed room 106, so I waited there. Pretty soon someone came along and I asked and yes, the line is going to be here, in the hall across from 106. So we sat and waited. And waited. And waited. I didn't dare leave, but I missed half the I&I for no reason.

I had figured that, as the first volunteer in the area, I could pick my work location. I was wrong. They needed my mouth at the far end, away from Elijah, to keep strays from entering the area.

This was a full-time job. People kept insisting they could come through because they needed to use the escalator, or the ladies room, or they had an anime pass (which was otherwise good for anything) or because they were waiting for someone. Or because they were supposed to pick up their James Marsters pictures there. (No, they've moved it around the corner to the left.) Or isn't this the costume entrants? (Does it really look like it, folks.)

So I worked the back of the line. For something like an hour and a half. Next thing I know, I turn around from redirecting some people, and Elijah is leaving! Without me getting my autograph or even getting close!

I hurried over there. "I don't have my autograph." Loud-voice-habbit now serving me well. I thought they'd have him stop and do it, but they kept going. But Joel hustled me in with them! And I went up to the green room with them! Squeeeeee! Standing two steps behind Elijah on the escalator! Squeeee! While he's saying, "That was awesome!" and taking pictures of the crowd below him! Squeeeeee!

Obviously, I merely acted like this was an everyday occurance. They tried to get him to sign my pictures as soon as he got in the room, but he started talking to Keving Sorbo (I don't know what about), and I said (magnanamously), "Let him talk. I'm in no hurry." So I just watched him for a bit, while carefully not staring, and talking a little to those around me.

I pulled out both of the pictures that Shoesparks had prepared, gave him a set and had the other two autographed. Sorry, Shoe, I didn't remember your real name, or yours would have been personalized. I couldn't get two sets - I was lucky to get the two singles.

I just remembered that I never got the pre-signed picture I was entitled to.

In other words, I could have gotten everything I got just by being a volunteer, and not spending $200-some for the ticket.

Live and learn.

But I don't think that technique would have worked at most other cons. But if he's here again, guess where I'll be?

Afterward, he signed something for someone else who then asked for a picture, which he granted. So I said, "If she gets a pic, can I get a hug?"

And he said, "Sure."

And I got a hug!


Then I snapped a closeup of him signing a batch of pics, and then they decided it was time I left. I probably would have lasted longer if I hadn't taken the pic. Oh, well.

My feet HURT. Good night.
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