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The I&I (as much as I covered)

First bear in mind that at least two people got videos of the whole thing. I expect they will make them available to Lilith.

But these are the notes that I took. Mostly it's not word-for-word, but just notes. If I put it in quotes, it's pretty close to what he said, but not exactly.

After a couple of opening remarks that made it clear he was nervous (and said so), he noticed t-shirts that said, "Got Wood?" and of course they eagerly gave him one. He held it up and commented on it and said something like, "Have I got wood? Yes, but not right now."

There was a single line of people with questions, and someone asked him about music recommendations. He said he was going to publish a list of 15 which would be coming out on the 6th, but I didn't catch where it would be coming out.

Another music question was what band, living or dead, would he most like to have seen. Unsurprisingly, he said there were really too many, and named three or four. The only one I caught well enough to write down was the Beatles, whom he kind of rhapsodized about. Then he said he'd like to have seen many from the late 50's to early 60's and mentioned several, but the only names I got down were Mike Davis and Billy Holliday.

Someone mentioned that Toronto is putting on a musical of The Lord of the Rings, and asked what he thought of that idea. We almost got some really good info here. He said, "Actually, we had a lot of down time" (during filming), then qualified that they worked hard, but still had a lot of down time, and that they were constantly making jokes, one of which was, "Wouldn't it be funny if they made a musical ..." They made up songs for this imaginary musical, which were 'overdramatic' as songs in musicals will be. The only thing he quoted was, "I will destroy the ring ...", but then he clammed up and said he didn't remember any more. I got the impression that he did remember something and decided not to tell it. He also said he didn't see how something like that could have any effect in two hours, and seemed to be impressed when the questioner said it would be three hours. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to see it.

He commented the he "was just in New Zealand to visit everybody."

He was asked about his record label, of course, and reiterated that it was Simian Records, but I wish someone had asked whether that's really his that has started a website. He commented in connection with that that it was a way of fulfilling his "fantasy, rock and roll dreams", and that independent labels are having more of an impact these days than the name ones.

The perennial question about The Hobbit - "If there is one, Peter wouldn't let anyone else do it, because he has too much invested in that world, but he is not actively pursuing it." (NOT direct quote, but using his words.)

Someone asked what he learned from Peter Jackson. Not new information, but nice anyway. He talked about how Peter creates a collaborative atmosphere, using the same actors and other people on a regular basis, and creates a family atmosphere. That people feel involved in "the fabric of making that movie." He said that if he did become a director he would 'employ that same structure and try to set up that atmosphere.' As an actor, he said he enjoys fulfilling the filmaker's vision, and being part of the whole process.

You'll probably hear about Danielle Story's painting. Danielle is 15 (we were surprised - she looked older) and says she's been painting all her life. Elijah was obviously blown away by her painting of Sam and Frodo (which she presented with a very appropriate frame) and asked her how long she'd been working on it. She said for a week, which was indeed surprising.

Megan Campbell also managed to get her name in there. She's an actress who wants to, you know, be discovered. She was very pretty and shapely in the slender way, so she has no physical barriers. So she was asking whether Elijah had any advice other than 'keep trying' which is what every one and every website always tell her. He didn't have anything to add to that other than 'believe in yourself' and 'be patient' which really amounts to the same thing. In spite of her nervousness, she was bold enough to say, "Or you could recommend me!" which got a laugh. She and Danielle both got hugs.

The last thing I heard before leaving (damn!) was that, in response to a question about keeping in touch with the LotR family, he had exchanged text messages with Dom that morning. I think he said, "Where he's filming Lost." He commented that 'the family is still connected."

That's all. That's it. I wish I had stayed through the end. I could have walked into the autograph line and worked it exactly the same way that I did.
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