Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Toronto Afterthoughts - the green room

I'm deliberately not looking for any ELF reports yet, because I want to make sure I get down everything I can remember.

I make myself remember every bit I can about that few minutes, because it's so easy to let it slip away in the rush of everything else that must be done - the packing, dealing with family, food, cleanup, trying to get the reimbursement for my ticket that I was due, exchanging currancy.

My clearest memory is of him standing talking to Kevin Sorbo. I couldn't hear what was being said, but suspect it wouldn't have been of interest to me anyway. It might have been music, though I'm not sure.

Elijah stood in the characteristic stance he has - where he looks like he couldn't be moved by a steamroller yet at the same time is like a coiled spring ready to jump nimbly in any direction. He was enjoying the conversation, while the guys around me were trying to get his attention to get his autograph for me. I said several times, "Let him talk, I'm in no hurry." Granted there was the selfish part - I'll just sit here and enjoy being in his presence for a bit - but there was also, 'Let the kid talk and relax for a bit,' which I would have said the next time they tried to get his attention.

He wasn't relaxed though. I am by now taking very seriously his claims about nervousness and the comments scattered around about his shyness. He was nervous about talking with Kevin, who was sitting very relaxed and acting as though he was talking with a close but not intimate friend. Which I'm sure was the big draw for Elijah.

(Kevin was Great. Every time I saw him he was being considerate of people. I commented to him, when he wasn't busy, that in person he looks just like my brother, and he replied with dry humor, "He must be a very good looking man then." I laughed and assured him that yes, my brother looks nothing like me.)

I know that the staff was nervous about me being there and wanted to get my business completed and me out. But none of the guests were the least bit concerned about it, or at least they completely ignored me. A sweet and pretty woman who worked with, I believe it was Tony Todd, and whom I had given a shoulder massage earlier to her emense gratitude, had eyes only for Elijah. She was the only other person who I recognized as being guest or with guest.

For myself, while Elijah was talking, I sat at another table about 10 feet away and alternated my attention between him and a staff member who was talking to me. I know that we had a good conversation, and I know that I succeeded in not looking like I was staring, but I don't remember who I was talking to or what we said, because in fact my whole attention was on Elijah. Naturally.

All of a sudden they grabbed me up with my papers and took me to another table where there were sharpies laid out. They asked me whether silver was okay and I said yes, and they laid out my two pictures. I don't know whether they assumed I had paid for two autographs, or that I deserved them, but it was never questioned. I did Not dare ask for more. Elijah sat down there and asked my name. I had intended to have it say 'Taro' but for some reason told him 'Ruth' and he wrote out 'Ruth, much love,' with his signature. Too bad it's just words. I told him not to personalize the second one since it was for someone else, and I didn't know her real name. Then I made the comment about his eyes, and the next thing I knew the staff had very efficiently herded me back away from him.

At that point some staff person asked to get a picture with him and he complied. As I said before, I said, "She got a picture - can I get a hug?" and he willingly complied with that.

I didn't try to draw it out. I most certainly did not want to convey any kind of sexual overtone, just a loving one. Hard to do in such few seconds. I'd have liked to put my hand in his hair but felt that would be taking liberties. So what I really have is the memory of his slender body in my arms, and the feel of his arms on my back, and the knowledge that his head was right there, at my shoulder.

He sat back down and proceeded to sign pictures, perhaps for ELF, one after another with quick efficiency. I took a picture of him doing that, and then, afraid that the first one may not be very good, I took another.

Probably I was beginning to look fangirly. With the talking about his eyes, the request for a hug, and now taking two pictures. Again, I am absolutely certain that none of it bothered him at all; but at this point the staff decided it was time I left.
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