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Chez theatre

Not cutting this part, since it's what would be of interest to most readers.

I had hoped that Elijah etc would be early, but they weren't. When the entire ticket line was inside, there was still no sign of them. 'Pat' was inside holding seats for all of us and I worried that they would have them filled/resold because there were so many and it would be so obvious. Based on our experience with the previous movie and cast, I figured that the chances were we wouldn't get any attention from him anyway, and decided (based partly on having a humongous bag still containing entirely too much food to lug around) to go on in and find Pat.

I first consulted some volunteers who said that they considered the best strategy to be to get inside the doors, ensuring that we would get in, then hang out in the lobby. They said that was what many people had successfully done with previous stars and that a lot of autographs were given out in the lobby.

I chose the wrong aisle the first time, spent 2 or 3 minutes trying to find Pat there, then went to the other side where I found her quickly and added my baggage to her obviously reserved seats. Then returned to the lobby. I had just missed him. I passed the rest of my group on the way and told them where Pat was while they told me that I had just missed Elijah outside, but he hadn't stayed long, and he didn't get to where I would have been at the fence. Then, even as I was about to go out through the door, Elijah was escorted in and settled into a room just inside the door. I don't *think* he stopped for anything in the lobby, though I can't be sure.

At this point I thought, "This is kind of useless" and went back down to our seats, whereupon we were told that we must take our seats or lose them. So I settled down for a minute or two, until a woman got up to anounce the Introduction. Taking my chances, I ditched the intro, squirmed back out, murmured in passing that I was going to give the lobby another shot, and went out again. At the door, I asked the guard whether I could go to the washroom now, and he said it would be fine now. I went downstairs, half having in mind that I may actually use it. I looked behind me at some point and the guard was right there. Did he follow me? I don't know. I went in and waited, but after a minute something told me I needed to go back up *now*.

The lobby was still empty, but when I opened the door, Elijah was right there, with his back to me. There was no clear way around, and I wasn't about to tap him on the shoulder; and it *really* seemed like a bad idea to ask for an autograph *now*, so I just backed away. Even as I did that, they whole group turned around and came toward me. At this point, Elijah was so surrounded by the guards that I could barely see him, even though he was only about two and a half feet away.

The whole circle moved out into the lobby, changing only by the diameter of the circle. It looked rather like farmer-in-the-dell. One of the volunteer kids reached through the circle to ask for an autograph, which I thought nothing of at the time, but in retrospect, I think Elijah considered it an imposition. The volunteers all settled onto the stair case, so I moved back beyond them to be unobtrusive. I did take a minute to study his sweet little butt, but for the most part I could barely see him (now only about 10 feet away) because of the guards. He was talking with Pam who was also in the circle. She kept grabbing his hands, which he took easily enough, though he kept letting go - he was focused only on talking. At no time did he acknowledge that any one else existed. When the guards swept him out the door, there was obviously nothing left but to go enjoy the movie.
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