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Boring stuff (fire)

I should probably talk about the status of house repair from the fire. There are a few people who read here who are actually interested, and I really want to keep track of it (sort of) for my own knowledge.

It's just that it's not exciting. Well, getting insurance checks in the mail is exciting. And I admit to a fondness for spending money. But when I sit at my laptop, I want Elijah, LotR, slashfiction, and friendship. And a little more Elijah. Not the state of the wiring.

We're redoing five rooms, the attic, and the upstairs hallway. The attic, of course, was demolished. The dining room and family room were wrecked by water damage - walls crumbling, floors buckling - and the craft room, laundry and bathroom were already in bad shape and the water just finished them off.

The contractor doing the roof is from our Unitarian Church. I didn't know him before, but he has been a life-saver. Not only getting the roof on quickly and efficiently, but also working toward getting us the lot next door which has a house needing to be removed. He thinks he can do it for under $5000. I'd love to have that lot, and just fill it with trees. He's working on fixing the chimney now. It was also in bad shape to begin with, so he's replacing the old brick with something new that I don't have a word for. We won't have to worry about bricks falling off into our neighbor's driveway again. So that's where the first 30% insurance payment went.

Next in importance was getting rid of crumbling walls. I had my nephew start on it. It seems like a simple job, and it took him all of three hours to take down the walls in two rooms. But then there's the cleaning it up end of it. I spent two hours and cleared a space about 2 feet square. Then I gave up and hired someone. For $1200 they did two more rooms and hauled it all away. Expensive, but worth it so long as the money exists. Still have the craft room to do, but I haven't finished clearing it out yet. Running out of places to put stuff!

Now we have the second check, and we're doing wiring and insulation. So far that's going very smoothly. Except for the craft room, the wiring is done and most of the insulation. I think we're kind of taking this weekend off. Dale's been working so hard and patiently on it and just doesn't have any motivation today, and Trevor (nephew) is at his regular job and not coming today. So we had strawberry shortcake for dinner and soon we're going to Target to spend money on clothes!
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