Taro (mother2012) wrote,

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of no progress!

I DID do some ceiling plastering and backroom rearranging yesterday. But I need to get to the PAINTING stage. And more Floor Laying. Which is a big problem anyway because Dale doesn't want to pull up the toilet to do it properly. So I'll do it for him.

In other news: My left leg HURTS. I know it's my own fault from eating too much sugar. But it HURTS. It seems to have gone into Restless Leg Syndrome. I don't have any official word on that, but if feels as though it's stabbed by a pin, and then the muscle jumps. And it does that over and over and over. Constantly. Unless I'm actually standing/walking. I can't tie my shoe, I can't pick things up off the floor. Cleaning the backroom is becomming a problem just because of THAT.
Tags: health, house
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