Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Another day is through.

Went to church. Convinced a couple people that they need to see "Everything is Illuminated" including the pastor. I told him 'it's a very UU type of movie.'

Plastered and painted. Got half of Raederle's bedroom painted pink. Meanwhile, she repaired the insulation in the middle part of the attic. I'm proud of her. How many 16 yo girls do you know who will insulate and put up drywall? It isn't the job I would have done. It isn't the job I DID do the first time - three years ago. But it's done. Now if I can just motivate Dale to finish the flooring in that section, I'll have a place to store boxes of books.

She wants her rooms pink and lime green. It's not as bad as it sounds. So half the bedroom is pink and half will be (tomorrow) green. Then the fun begins. Then she'll sponge green on the pink and black on the green.

Hey - She's the one who has to look at it.

I should probably take a picture except we can't find the cradle for the camera, so we can't even charge it, much less transfer pictures. *sigh*

And tomorrow I have to do a bunch of stuff connected with the bankruptcy.

I want the world to go away.

Not you guys though!
Tags: house, life
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