Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Raederle's room

Today I managed to paint the other half of Raederle's bedroom. Tomorrow I have to get her to do the paint decoration she wants to do. Then, at long last, we can move her bed in there.

I keep calling it her bedroom, for lack of a better term, but it's really just the bed area. She has essentially 1/3 of the attic. The middle third is what we're cleaning up to put books in, and the back third is full of stuff left from when we were working on it *before* the fire. Her third is the biggest, and the one area really high enough to be viable as a living area.

The middle of her third has a large gable window, making it essentially larger because you can stand up all the way to the edge, rather than having a slanted wall. On each side of that, the dormer side is extended into a real wall, effectively making it look like three 'stalls' across the side. The smallest and farthest away will become her bathroom (some year), and the nearest, by the stairs, is her 'sitting room' with a daybed for sitting on and a TV. It will eventually have her computer. The opposite wall will have her shelving and clothing places.

So what I have so brilliantly finally finished plastering and painting is about - taDa! - one quarter of it. But the 'sitting room' is already finished and painted, so now that she won't be sleeping on the daybed, we can *begin* to get things organized!
Tags: house
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