Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I've never before been so frustrated with writing!

Other people talk about 'when the muse hits', and I've just never been in a position that the muse *wasn't* there. It's always just been a matter of reading back over what I last wrote, and the next bit is right there in my brain ready to flow out onto the paper.

But I just read all the way through what I have of PoH - and nothing! Though in all fairness to myself, I *am* working on the hardest part.

I fear a lot of it has to do with my memory problems. Always before, the entire plot has been in my head, in it's proper sequence, along with knowing what has been written down and what hasn't yet. But right now I'm having difficulty seeing where *this bit* fits into the plot line; remembering what angle, what emotion, I'm working on.

So. Quit for the night. Go take SAMe in large quantities. Hope for better tomorrow.
Tags: writing
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