Taro (mother2012) wrote,

So. What have I accomplished all week?

I earned fifty bucks. Maybe.


It's like this. Good friend found this deal where she's supposed to interview people in a store for five days, 11 hours per day, for $15 per hour. She wants me to take half of the shift. Okay - five days, five hours per day, $15 per hour. I can handle that. Go.

But then they put it off, aren't sure it's going to come through. In the meantime, we want to do a freshness inventory of cigarettes on the shelves. Just go into a store, show them our paper, and take numbers off the cigarette packages. $10 per store, probably 15 minutes each.


First store - hour and a half.

Average store - 35 minutes.

We've done 10 (yesterday and today). Have to do 5 more tomorrow.


Meantime, daughter is spending early evenings doing the 'Haunted Basement' for the church for Saturday. So she has Not done the decorative painting in her bedroom. So no progress has been made.

She IS however, really, actually, working for this company. They have told her that at the rate she is going, she should be doing real web pages for real customers in two months. They already have her doing revisions. She sits in on the phone calls, makes notes, then revises the site as per request.

So I'm not going to die of dementia, diabetes, arthritis, or stroke. I am going to burst with pride.
Tags: life
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