Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Raederle's bed

Okay, this is stupidly complex.

With helpers at home, I decided that today we would get Raederle's double bed up into the attic, into her 'bedroom', so that she can start pulling things together. But she still had to work today, 11:30 to 2:30, so I decreed that we would start when she got home.

Of course, by then I was zonked. So I read to her while she cleaned up the plaster dust and the scatter rugs. Then we went in search of the box springs.

Now, *this* box springs had been deliberately cut down the bottom so that my nephew could get it up the stairs of his apartment. So I figured that we would be able to get it up the attic steps for Raederle, box springs being otherwise very stubborn about such things.

So, guess where it was being stored in the meantime? Behind my dresser. Now, have you ever heard me mention cleaning up and sorting and finding places for my clothes? No? This is because I haven't. I mean, when you're working on the house all day every day, all you need is a couple pairs of old pants, a tee or two, and a sweatshirt. Except sometimes you need something nice for church or stuff. Then you dive into the bags and boxes and procure something, which is obviously not going back into the bag or box.

So for the most part, about half of my wardrobe was folded or draped on my dresser. Obviously it was now transferred to my bed.

And was all of that stuff clothes? No, my precious. It was not.

Gigantic mess.

We manhandled the springs through the upstairs and tried to force it up the stairs. It politely said 'no'. (I say politely because it didn't wreck anything or even get stuck.)

So Dale decided to take it out through the window, up the ladder, and into the attic window. Before giving it any clear thought, he got the ladder out of the garage, pulled it up on the porch roof, and removed the panes from the windows.

The springs politely said 'no' to that, too.

So that is sitting out on the curb for garbage collection tomorrow.

And I have spent the last several hours attempting (in between rest and flist breaks) to make some kind of sense out of my clothes that I won't regret next week.

Tomorrow I will start posting Chapter 1 of Pursuit of Happiness. I say 'start' because Chapter 1 is in seven parts, and I'll post one each day for a week.
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