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Pursuit of Happines, Chapter 1, Part 1

Pursuit of Happiness
A DomLijah Story

This is the sequel to Frozen in Time, but is very different from that one.

One: there is much less sex (now, I didn't say there wasn't *any!)and more 'love'. Also lots more angst.

Two: while Ellen makes an appearance, she is not nearly as prominent.

Three: This story kind of moves into an AU. In this version of history, Dom has started getting work in movies and never did 'Lost'. That's because I was writing it two years ago.

Four: The story moves back and forth among three time periods, so watch for them. Read the dates.

- Disclaimer: This is fiction. And not intended even to be wise. While most of these characters may be based on real people, I don’t personally know them. I made it all up out of my perverted little head. No, I don’t make any money at this.
- Archive: No thank you.
- Feedback: Please feed me. Praise is lovely. Constructive criticism is valued.
- Contains opinions, assumptions and situations that some might find offensive.
- This is a work in progress; however it is about half written and I am actively working on it. Feedback does stimulate me to greater effort.
- Please note that while most of this story is basically happy with just enough angst to make it interesting, there will be parts of it that some people will not want to read. I will post appropriate warnings of those chapters.

I have made every effort to present the background of this story in accordance with known details about filming, and in accordance with the rumors which I personally consider reliable. This should not be taken to mean that anything in this story is accurate or true.

    Pursuit of Happiness
    Chapter 1 Part 1


October, 2006

    Elijah lay on his bed, trembling. Why hadn't he thought
    this through before? How had he let it go so far?

    Dom was everything to him. Wasn't he?

    He needed someone to talk to. He needed Sean.

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Beta: The wonderful elfellon111, whose attention to detail has inspired me to be a better writer.

Series: NC-17 or E
RPS; slightly AU

For warnings, click here

September 10,1999

As the boating coach called out they were done for the day, Elijah snuggled into Sean for warmth, without giving a thought to any 'meaning' there might be that Sean stretched an arm around him and held him close. That's just what Sam did, right?

"Cold, Mr. Frodo?" Sean asked, playing up the relationship.

Elijah giggled, but before he could reply, Billy chimed in. "Not Mr. Hollywood. He's impervious to any minor bothers on the shoot." Elijah looked up at him stone-faced. He didn't know how to take this Scotsman - often he appeared friendly, but there was frequently a barb in his words. Elijah wasn't sure whether he was jealous of Elijah's Hollywood background or contemptuous of it.

Fortunately the Elf - Orlando - appeared out of nowhere. Simultaneously hooking one hand on Billy's elbow and ruffling Elijah's hair with the other like you would a cute dog, he asked, "What pub you have in mind tonight, Bills?"

Elijah didn't catch the answer - he'd never had much experience with alcohol and beer joints and didn't follow the names of such places - but was annoyed at having to beg off again as Orlando asked him directly, "You coming along, Frodo?" With nervous shyness, he backed away, even as Sean asked, "Another round of Playstation tonight?"

He smiled gratefully at his friend. Playstation was just the thing. Keep his brain occupied and his hands busy, and for hours at a time he would forget that he was homesick. That he was longing for his mother's care and advice, for his sister's buoyant teasing, for mild California weather and shops full of CDs. That he didn't understand Billy, and that he was vaguely afraid of Orlando; afraid of the fire in his friendly brown eyes when he turned that expressive scrutiny on Elijah.

As they headed to their ride, Sean asked, "You going to turn them down all year?"

"I'm not much into drinking, Sean."

Sean sighed. "Your mother would be proud, I suppose."

"Yeah. She doesn't drink much either."

"But don't you think it might be nice to get to know them better? We're going to be here a long time."

Elijah looked at his friend in surprise. "Are you getting tired of me, Sean?"

"Of course not!" Sean was flustered by the question. He really wasn't. On the other hand, maybe he'd like to join the guys for a drink once in a while himself.

"Christine will be coming," he said. "You'll still be welcome to come. But not every night."

"Anyway," as they got in the car he turned toward Elijah to try to give words to his concern.


"It's a long shoot, Lij. You must mean to make friends with them."

Elijah was quiet for too long, and Sean prompted, "Well?"

"I don't think they like me, Sean. Especially Billy. He's sarcastic and spiteful most of the time. I think it's probably best if I kind of ignore him."

Sean wrapped his arms around his friend. He too had noticed Billy's odd behavior, but noticed also that Billy seemed to do the same thing to Orlando, and the two of them were good friends anyway. But Sean was beginning to realize how sensitive Elijah actually was. And he was young. And in spite of all the years he had behind him as an actor, all of the experience with sets and shoots and other actors, he seemed terribly naive about people. Sean wanted to protect him from any unpleasantness, any ruffled feathers or minor jealousies that might arise from so many actors in lead roles, interacting together, jockeying and maneuvering for the advantage, to be the ace, the prima donna, the one that all the others recognized. In spite of his experience, in spite of the favoritism that Peter seemed to give him, what chance did this boy have among the older, more pragmatic actors?

And while Sean wasn't much of a drinker himself, Elijah's inexperience with the adult world his mother had shielded him from seemed a handicap rather than a virtue.

"'Course they like you," he finally responded gently. "How could anyone not like you?"

Elijah rested against his friend without responding. He knew he didn't have to. He felt totally at ease with Sean. Comfortable. As though they had been friends for years instead of weeks. Being with Sean was peaceful and always refreshed him. So when they arrived at the hotel he had returned to his usual bouncy self. They made popcorn and played games until Elijah was nearly asleep in the chair and Sean walked with him to his own room.

It hadn't yet occurred to him to question why he so much enjoyed Sean's company.
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